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Here's Why The Porsche Taycan Will Not Outsell The Tesla Model S

When it comes to which one sells more, there's no question the Tesla has already won. Porsche's first all-electric car has finally reared its head in the real world after a 2015 unveiling, and the bigger rival predator in this new environment is the Tesla Model S. Motor show attendees might remember the Porsche Taycan's first iteration by the name Mission E, back when the electric vehicle market was shooting out all kinds of concepts that might or might not ever hit the road. (Remember Faraday Future? It's no surprise if you don't.) Porsche hasn't quit. The Taycan, available in 2020, boasts 2.6 seconds off the line from 0 to 60 with the Launch Control feature and can travel 192 miles on a single charge. We'll take a look at how it stacks up next to Tesla's workhorse, the Model S, and why when it comes to which one sells more, there's no question the Tesla has already won. The Tesla vs the Porsche; which will sell better?
Price 2020 Tesla Model S. Via Tesla The most immediately obvious difference is the price point and the audience these cars are aimed at. There will be more on the audience below, but purely in terms of numbers, the Taycan is much more expensive. A base model Tesla Model S will set you back $81,191 while the Taycan starts at $105, 150. Purely in terms of numbers, a vehicle as expensive as the Taycan (or most cars in Porsche's garage) isn't expected to sell in droves. As Business Insider points out, price points like Porsche's means the company operates using fewer, high-value sales as a matter of course. Brand Recognition Tesla Model S. Via Tesla Although both Porsche and Tesla are powerful brands, they aren't necessarily trying to attract the same kind of car enthusiast. Porsche's sports car legacy has some crossover with Tesla's Silicon Valley tech appeal, but many Tesla fans aren't comparing their potential buys to other brands at all. They want Elon Musk's charisma and the electric-first priorities the brand has. Even as Porsche moves into the electric space, it still has a record of gas-guzzling in a way that goes against many Tesla loyalists' environmentally-friendly mentality.
Range Porsche Taycan. Via Porsche The Model S started out with an impressive 265 miles of range, but Tesla has had since 2012 to improve that number. That's almost ten years, and a 2020 Model S will comfortably zip along for 390 miles between charges with the Long Range configuration. That difference means the Tesla is way more practical for long trips. Not that most owners are necessarily buying the Taycan as a daily driver, but range anxiety is still a very real barrier between drivers and electric vehicles.
Performance 2020 Porsche Taycan. Via Porsche This is another case of these two cars just not being in the same class. The Model S works just fine as a daily driver plus good performance and a lot of reviews saying it's a heck of a lot of fun to drive, and therefore has a much larger audience than the exclusive sports cars Porsche prides itself on. By the numbers, you could match the Taycan for horsepower by adding the $20,000 Performance package and end up smoking the Porsche, at least under the test conditions for the 2020 model. In their comparison of the two, Car and Driver says the Taycan comes in second, citing cramped rear seats, poor storage, and that price tag. They found the launch control to be very impressive, and also found that under real-world conditions the range difference isn't as dramatic as the EPA says it is in the official numbers. It also recharged faster.
But the 2020 Model S fits more passengers, drives like it's lighter (it is), and feels "competent" but slower than the Porsche. It hit 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, but does so in a way the reviewer describes as "fussy," requiring a lot of preparation including a 45 minute (!) warm-up time. With such high-profile publications putting their vote on the side of the Tesla, it's reasonable to expect the Model S will come out on top. And with Porsche never really aiming for the mass sales audience at all, this isn't a surprise.

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